For this unique project we used a variety of wooden veneers, including birch wood, mahogany, and black walnut. We cut the stars and stripes of the flag on our CNC router, stained them individually to help the colors pop, and finished it with a clear lacquer to keep it looking new for years to come. 

 For the rest of the signage, we CNC milled each letter out of solid birch plywood and used an exterior clear coat for a simple and elegant look.

 Due to it's three dimensional effect, the Alpine Haven apartments presented a unique challenge when it came to fabrication. Cut on our CNC router out of brushed aluminum and mounted with custom brakcets, any imperfections on this sign would be painfully obvious. That is why we devoted extra time to make these signs perfect, down to the millimeter. 


955 S. McCarran Blvd. STE 103

Hillside Meadows


NV Lic: 73317

Alpine Haven